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    Online Business

    online business

    Online business ideas and things you must know. It’s easy to start an online business today yet it’s quite a challenge to make it a success. We take you though one of the best online business ideas trending today. Do remember that you need to analyze your strengths and improvement areas before you leap into any.

    Online business ideas

    Before starting, you need to make sure that you analyze the pros and cons of each idea and if you are up to it. Take into consideration what you can put in and if you can overcome the challenges of the trade. You could start at no cost but it’s always a good idea to start will couple of hundred bucks by keeping your own website and some marketing for most.

    online business
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    1. SEO online business

      Every webmaster is looking for ways to promote their websites and make them appear higher in search results. Search engine optimization or SEO is one business which is both in demand and in supply. It takes some reading, experience with websites and marketing skills apart from real SEO skills to succeed in this field. Nothing that you cannot teach yourself. persistence is the key for this online business. What you need is a website with products and features, mailing lists which of course can be solutioned by using valid lead purchases of self generated user base. You would need to spend time with your site building, promoting and getting your readers to trust you before they can turn into clients.

      Important thing to know is that honesty is the key to establish a great business. Getting customers to trust you is more important than anything else. Even if you are mediocre in your work, back it up with better pricing and refund policies for people who are not happy. This will get a long way in building your reputation and future business.

    2. Social media consulting business

      Social media is everywhere, now that’s an old fashioned statement. It’s a given that social media has become more of a need than a fancy fad. Businesses, individuals and even govt. or non profit organizations need social media more than ever. It’s their new age PR tool. A business to help these organizations to reach out to people through social media is high in demand.

      If you are a social pro or understand the basics of social trends, this may be the train for you. Online business like this one is profitable and rewarding if you can settle down well with the art of social promotion.

    3. Web design and apps

      Perhaps the most in demand “online business” is for apps. Every company wants an app to reach out to mobile customers. Why? because unlike websites, apps can push notifications, offers and drive traffic and sales whenever the publisher wants. Remember the notifications that annoy you on your phone? Making websites and apps is more in demand than ever before.

      You will need some coding skills with apps however with websites, platforms like drupal and other cms systems can take the headache away. It’s easier to build websites now. Businesses often need 5-6 pages and it is a walk in the park for someone who has spent sometime learning the art (no coding required)

    4. Resume writing

      Perhaps the easiest of the bunch for good writers with a business sense. You will be amazed how the resume writing online business has turned up in the last decade. More people are having their resumes written professionally than ever.

      An eye for detail, business sense, object oriented and clear writing skills can land you in the world of fortune of resume writing service. You could partner with existing job sites or create your own website for resume writing and advertise your services at the right places.

    5. Coding online business

      A coder? well you already have the key to the riches if you invest wisely in this online business. Offer your services online to potential clients through your own site, freelance sites like fiverr etc. As a coding online business owner, you should invest in learning new skills all the time alongside work as that is the key to success in that line of business.

    6. Assistant and automation jobs

      People are always looking to get the bulk of their repetitive odd tasks of their backs. Personal assistant and automation jobs are the most outsourced jobs in the market. You can find clients on freelance websites as well as offer them off your own portal or apps. Building reputation is all about getting work done accurately and on time. This will bring them back for more and they will recommend you to others. We recommend more such online jobs here

    7. Affiliate marketing

      If you can write reviews, previews, walk through or just run unbiased comparisons between products, services or even write about intangible subjects in your expert or knowledge area, Affiliate marketing may be for you.

      You can use your website to write, you could even use a free blog. You may also take help of email marketing alongside. Best affiliate marketing is done in a niche area, providing readers with useful information and resources along with an affiliate link to recommend products or services related to the subject at hand.

    8. Sell real stuff online

      If you are the kind who believes in selling real products in the real world you could try selling things online. You will need to invest in stocks, a marketing plan (research into what sells, at what price and how much it sells) and would need to complete business startup formalities like govt. paperwork, tax ids and other business or company formation processes.

      Remember that there is gestation involved in this activity, you hold in stock at hand, stock in transit and stock that is paid for by customers. Stock in refund and damages along with held up payments take up considerable working capital. So having a little more working capital than traditional business is kind of a requirement. You could sell online on Amazon and other market places.

    9. Coaching online business

      There are billions of students graduating, schooling and self studying at any given time around the world. Many of them are looking for someone who can hand hold them. Starting your own virtual coaching classes for your subject of expertise can not just get you the income but polish your own skills in the subject.

      This online business is most suited to teachers and experts of their areas. Presentation skills are quite important. Setting up your workplace and backgrounds with proper audio video equipment will lend a professional touch. Keep in mind that focusing on the requirements of your students and supporting them in their learning process all the way is they key to success by way of recommendations.

    10. Business Coach and mentor

      Perhaps what this article is all about: The Business of business coaching and mentorship. If you can show people how to succeed, it can be a business in itself. I have started this site to help people find their own footing after I successfully established a few businesses of my own. Now that I am completely satisfied with being on my own, I wish the same for my readers.

      If you possess the experience and knowledge, it’s a service to aspirants looking to be on their own two feet. You may or may not charge them a fees (in which case you find sponsors) but this business is sure to be satisfying emotionally. You can use platform like LinkedIn to write articles besides your own blog.

    11. Remote tech support

      Techie or ex-tier 1/2/3 employee? Best thing you could possibly do it start with your own tech support line. Companies charge their customers $50-$400 average for their support incidents not covered under warranty. You could scope these customers out at a lower fees with personalized support experience. Companies like iYogi and others have made big starting from small support groups.

    12. Blogging online business

      Blog on anything, yes anything, but it has to be with passion and interest. Get the right facts, write objectively and write from a unique personal angle. Stick to the niche or area of expertise and be consistent with it. Once your blog find it’s root, you can monetize it with affiliate of ad network. The larger the audience, the more you make. Plus, people get good convent in return. You could use your own site or a free blog platform.

    13. Holiday planner

      If you have interest in travel and tours, you could jump into the holiday planning and booking business. You could even have a forum or blog for travelers. You can stock up travel gear, arrange hotels and holiday packages with the help of travel portals. You can use widgets, APIs or simple on the phone bookings for a personal touch.

    14. Logo and graphics design

      Artists and illustrators can pick logo and graphic design business. 99designs holds design contests and allows you to find clients for your work. It’s competitive work bidding but a good start nevertheless. Stock photos is another great idea for high volume work like patterns, backgrounds and travel photos. Once you gain your own clients base, you can do all the design work through your own portal as well.

    15. Content creation

      Creating content is high in demand. There are lot of people looking to get articles written, videos made, photo albums created and so forth. This online business is full of potential and high income. If you are good at typing and good in writing in any language, this job can be for you.

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    Starting a Business, How to launch a startup

    Starting a business

    Starting a business is what we talk about In this issue. Successfully start a business without getting into possible risky situations is important. Preparation is the key to avoiding risks and setup a new business that not only gathers the initial momentum but runs profitably. If you are a business graduate, you may want to look at proper founding processes for your specific LoB, this article is for new aspirants.

    How to Successfully Start a Business

    Starting a Business is never easy, it’s fraught with risk and uncertainty. Had it not been so, the rewards would not have been high. Starting a Business and making it profitable is one thing that scares the coins out of most aspirants. But let us make the process easier for you to undertake.

    Starting a business
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    1. Starting a business plan

      It always starts with a plan and it has to be clear, precise and supported by data. First you need to identify the Business you are going to undertake. Then you research the potential revenue, risk, chain of supply, staffing requirements, operating margins, type of product or service and its associated costs, USP, demand and most importantly competition.

      For example, if you are to start a sales business that runs on salesmen efforts from a back office, you need to ensure you will get the right kind of sales staff in that area. We have one of our promoters fail their business because of staffing issues. Each factor needs to be vetted properly or things may turn undesirable. Brainstorming with partners, family and friends to list failure points, possible lockup situations and possible solutions to those problems if and before they knock.

    2. Calculating business risks

      Calculation the risks is the key to weigh in not just your decision on a business but it can lead you to fix certain problems before they start. Starting a business without knowing if you have the capacity to deal with the risks can be a very big mistake. For example if the business has a seasonal risk and you do not have funds to run the entire season, you may be out of business before you plant your feet in the market.

      Risk appetite is different for everyone, this applies especially to small businesses where the owner placed a lot of personal investment at risk. Please conduct your own due diligence and do not leave out any area. Be thorough.

    3. Enlist startup business requirements

      Prepare a list of what your business will need to start and run. Make list of required facilities like land and building, office furnishing, showroom space, renovation and painting, office equipment, power and network management, inventory, logistics, initial stock, working capital, employee salary advances and deposits and so on.

      Always make 10-15% over estimate but not too much. Overly funded businesses may not be a good idea as excess money is usually not utilized carefully by most small business owners. Do keep in mind that starting a business is one thing and running it is another, so do keep working capital for backup. For example a fashion store at a certain location may require a full season worth of working capital.

    4. Starting a business under a brand

      At this point we must mention that franchising is quite valuable for new businessmen who want to put in the money and use expert help to launch their business. Do consider if you want to start under a franchise and if it fits your plan. Starting a business under a well known brand umbrella will help you with pre planned structure, a working chain and hassle free experience.

      Once you secure a successful franchise, you could always launch your own brand separately as a new or altogether business now that you have experience. you still would need to do your due diligence though.

    5. Write an operating handbook

      Create an operating process and procedures rule book for your employees and yourself. Businesses run best when they follow predefined processes and procedures for each step of operation. This not only gives a smooth customer experience but removes confusion, reduces latency and improves profitability. Be clear in your instructions, ensure it answeres an operators question in complete clarity and does not leave room for ambiguity.

    6. Decide on the business model

      You would need to identify in specific, the sources of revenue, intended customer base, products, financial details like equity and debt ratio etc. Also it’s a good idea to weigh in the pros or cons of different types of legal structure like LLC, PLC, Sole proprietorship and others, to see which one suits you best.

    7. Getting trained

      There’s nothing better than having the key skills to do the work yourself. Especially work that is core to the success of your business. Even if it means your employees will do it, you still better get trained for those days when you don’t have any backup while the employee is on leave or you are awaiting new hiring. Also a better skilled owner is a better recruiter as he/she knows the job at hand.

      So for example if it’s a restaurant you want to start, better jump into hotel management or a crash course in cookery at the least.

    8. New business funding

      It’s best to fund your business with your savings that are not critical to you and your family. Worst form of startup funding comes from high interest loans, we would recommend you to stay away from that idea even if you think you have assured business opportunity. This has been known to be the recipe for business disaster for many. There are unseen risks and sometimes they can lend you a fatal financial blow. Save up and invest non-critical cash only. Always start with excess and not just on a tight budget. You can also draw funding from government employment and business funding schemes. New concepts like startup funding and crowd funding is also available for innovative business ideas.

    9. Naming, structure and paperwork

      Pick a name that is unique, easily recognizable for your industry. Decide on staff and line chain of management and assign responsibilities. Would you consider a private limited company or a limited liability partnership if more than 1 person is involved in ownership. How you define partner roles is what should be done after due research here. Also, you will require tax information numbers, GST numbers or any other tax and employer related registrations required by law.

      File your papers and open the required bank accounts so that initial deposits and funding can be done. This will also help you with initial expenses involved with starting a new business.

    10. Laying down an organization chart

      Preparing for an organizational chart that draws out the ranks is next. Chart out line and staff structure. Keep the reporting depth as shallow as possible. Even some large companies keep the maximum chain of direct reportees to a maximum of 7 levels from bottom to the CEO.

      Small businesses can focus on the main staff required to do the job then draw the ranks accordingly all the way to the owner. The owner or a generic skilled manager can take up multiple roles due to the small size of the workforce.

    11. Procuring, lease and setup

      Procure the required raw materiel after leasing a space for operations and display or front office (if required) and set the place up with required production and office facilities. Keeping the costs low is the key to starting a business.

      While setting up, you should aim at keeping the costs low, efficiency in production and safety in place. For specialized requirements it’s best to seek expert help but not without your own due diligence and research.

    12. Stocking and working capital

      Load up enough stock to account for final produce stock buffer, payment cycles and sudden market demands. If your suppliers are capable and product is fast to produce, you may opt for Just in time stocking and production.

      Keeping low working capital will dry out your business and too much will make it low on profitability. You could keep higher working capital at the start and reduce it with experience. Not having enough will leave you with no funds for production, salaries and monthly bills.

    13. PR, Advertising and launch

      Prepare for a launch and have a plan in place for your intended audience to get an introduction about your business. A good PR plan involves public launch event inviting key people from your target customer groups, suppliers, vendors, investors and other stake holders.

      You may advertise your launch and target the right people you intend to through demographic research. So if it’s a fashion store you are opening, an advert in a local fashion magazine or an uptown invitation event may suffice.

    14. Review and course corrections

      Once you start operations, keep in mind that running a business is a bigger challenge that starting a business. Review your progress often and take corrective measures more often. This frequency will reduce over time yet you need to stay laser focused on the task at hand while at the start.

    15. Digging in

      Continuous operations, regular review, course corrections and working closely with your employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders will give you the experience and success that cannot be described here. Slowly your business will dig in and gain the momentum it deserves. Give your business time to be successful. The day you quit is the day you fail. If you work smart and hard with conviction, you are bound to succeed.

      For online aspirants we also have our How to make money online guide and our most successful online jobs guide. Leave your comments and best of luck!

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    How to make money online

    how to make money online

    How to make money online without breaking a sweat? What you love to do can be made into a source of income. Learn How to make money online easily. We bring you well researched and solid “make money online” ideas. The best part is that you do not pay anything for any of them. Remember the golden rule; Do not pay anyone for work that you do.

    20 ways to make money online

    There are many ways to effectively make real money on the internet. As a student, part timer or home maker. You could also check our online jobs idea list. With hard work to start with, things usually become smoothed out, once you have started and are regularly making some income. Do feel free to comment and share your own ideas.

    how to make money online
    © Nd3000 | Dreamstime.com – Beautiful Woman Using Laptop


    1. Blogging

      Start your own blog, there is nothing as leisurely as writing what you love about. Let the blog be one of the subjects you love to talk about. This will ensure continued interest from your side. Most businesses fail due to lack of consistent effort. If you love to write on something, that will keep you going. You can use adwords from google, yahoo ads, clicksor, infolinks or any ad network to monetize your site for a steady income. Average blogs that are successful earn $200 to $500 without much struggle. You can start a free blog at blogger.

      If you at any point do not want to continue blogging, you could sell your blog at an auction at godaddy, flippa or other auction sites. Sales of blogs that attract 5-10000 visitors easily get $500-1000 depending upon traffic origin and how competitive the niche of your blog is.

    2. Buying and Selling domains

      Domain name trading is a big business and well named, aged domains sell for good amounts of money. You can book websites on godaddy. Booking a .com hardy spends a dollar or two depending upon current offers. If you can think of good domain names and they are available, you could sell them many times the price you bought them for. The domain names need to be easy to recall and as short as possible at the same time. Keyword domains sell well too. Domains can be auctioned at flippa, godaddy, name and others.

      While new domains are always hard to find, you can find expired domains and buy good ones. Hundreds of thousands of domain expire every month, you can pick some good ones for cheap. They can then be collected and auctioned. you could also develop them into websites and sell at even higher price.

    3. Building simple websites

      Small businesses need simple websites with 5 to 10 pages with their products page. They may just want to display their products online. What they need is contact info page, about page and news page at the most. Most of these businesses will just need less than 10 page simple sites. You could host them on your shared hosting account and sell it to small business owners. Target business owners in your area. Sell them emails from your own re-seller account from godaddy or any other provider. It hardly takes a few hours to build a website with jhoomla or any other CMS platform you could learn easily if you don’t already.

    4. Ebay sales to make money online

      People make money on ebay online all the time. You find something to sell and list it on ebay. Once you have completed your profile and listed your products, you will get orders. You are then required to pack and courier that to the buyer. Then you get paid once the product has reached the buyer. You could invest in simple products. I’ve seen people earn by selling lucky coins, Tibetan bells and feng shui items that are cheap to pick from certain markets.

      Selling on ebay is all about ratings. Make sure your packing is good, product is as described and good quality and reaches your customers in time. adding small extras can delight your customers. For example selling a chime with a few extra nails to hang it is appreciated by customers. Then they would rate you better and you will sell well as a result.

    5. Affiliate marketing

      Affiliate marketing is a simple way to promote the products of popular sites like eBay, Flipkart, SnapDeal, Amazon etc. and get paid for your promotion. Amazon is one of the most favorite sites for making affiliate income no matter which country you are living in. They pay you 2% to 15% for each & every sale made through your links or networks.

      If you’ve got a decent presence on social media or if you have a blog or website, you can start making money immediately by promoting all sorts of companies, products, services and offers online there. You can hope to earn $100 with some effort and there is no maximum for pros.

    6. Fiverr gigs

      Joining Fiverr is easy. You can sign up with them and start selling your services. Once your profile is complete, make your gigs and wait for clients to purchase them. You will need to check messages and email daily as customers usually contact before buying. You could sell logo designing, video making, illustrations, website maintenance, wordpress installations, theme modifications, coding work and personal assistance works like article writing and many other tasks you may know how to handle.

    7. 99-design contractor

      If you are a graphic designer or even a newbee, you could take up logo design task, web design and other design related tasks. You can register at 99designs here . Designers and new learners have benefited a lot from websites like this which allow them to reach clients and get an opportunity to find work. You can easily earn $1000 to $3000 if you work hard. If you do not get to sell the desings, you can sell them at stock photo sites or other design sites. So you never loose on your work this way.

    8. Selling stock photos

      A lot of people make money today, selling stock photos. If you shoot photos (even mobile uploads are accepted on Dreamstime), draw illustrations, make icons or photoshop artwork, sign up with Dreamstime. We recommend them because of their excellent growth and community. Exclusive contributors earn high percentage of sales amount and you get paid via paypal or check. you may also sign up with shutterstock, istock or other agencies. Depending on your portfolio size and images, you can make anything from $100-$2000 PM. The more you upload, more you make.

      Stock Photography

    9. Selling videos

      Making videos for sales is an interesting way to make some cash. You could sell them on stok photo sites like dreamstime or sell them on your own site. Of course selling it on your own site is rather difficult. News worthy videos can go for editorial section on any stock photo site or could directly be sold to news channels if worthy. You could contact news agencies as they often buy current videos from local sources for their feed. Make sure you have a good camera and you have a high resolution. High resolution especially 4k and new 8K videos sell very well due to low availability and good demand. Demo videos for products like TV and Video systems are also in good demand.

    10. Music notes and rhythms

      If you can make music, notes or rhythms, you could sell them on stock photo sites or dedicated music and sound sites. You could also make your online studio site if you have a good collection and sell them directly. Good quality music is in good demand and if someone picks you up for your talents, you could be sitting in a movie studio making custom music or doing contract work for a movie maker.

      With music, the best way to succeed is to be trained in the art, good music and media schools offer short to medium term diploma or degree courses. Certification not only gets you skilled for the job but offer than professional edge to you in the music industry. Earning money online with the right skills will see you performing a whole lot better and get you both the confidence and the cash. Earning potential: from $500 per month with a medium sized portfolio on a stock site to tens of thousands of bucks if you contract with a movie producer.

    11. Virtual assistant

      You could offer your assistance services as a PA (personal assistant) or VA (virtual assistant) to professionals willing to hire your services. Making money online is an easy job with this skill. You can really take an online earning opportunity based on your area of work. If you are good at office tools, you can apply for office tasks, accounts students can seek VA jobs with accountants. Engineering students and diploma holders can aid in engineering drawings and sub contract work. Sites like freelancer, fiverr and others offer lot of opportunities for willing candidates.

      Do remember to price your services right. Offering too low a price will get you overworked and too high will leave you with no clients. Start a bit lower than competition but don’t offer too much discount. Once testimonials build up your reputation, it will be easier to get the next job. You could earn from $400 for writing jobs to a $5000 for professional assistance (4 hours a day).

    12. Mine Bitcoins

      Bitcoin is internet money or crypto-currency. It works on cryptography while being traded, exchanged or for processing any transaction. Cryptography and it’s financial activity requires computing power and it’s crowd sourced. The process of using computing power to assist in these tasks is called mining and miners earn bitcoins in return. There are hundreds of thousands of bitcoin miners who earn from a little to a lot depending upon their hardware. Today, building special machines with dedicated bitcoin mining hardware is the only viable option to earn some respectable cash. Earning potential: $100 for a single machine to $10000 for a medium bitcoin farm. Bitcoin website. More information on wiki

    13. MLM or network marketing

      One sure way to make money offline or online is to engage with new or existing contacts for multi level marketing. The concept is pretty old but it always works if you do it right. The key is a good product(s), good PR skills and the right marketing channels along with the right MLM basics and business ethics. You could also list products on online market places and then sell though MLM without using your own payment gateway or website or courier network. This gives you added protection as a seller too. The idea is a bit different but may work in a novel way for you. The key is to be innovative and find your own channels for your niche. Anywhere between $500-10000 for a small-medium sized network. Large multi national networks like Amway make billions.

    14. Data entry

      Probably the easiest job but also the most boring. Entering data is quite easily done yet a mundane task. Work could be picked up from any online job or crowd sourcing portal. Websites like freelancer, fiverr and others are pretty common. Be aware that many providers who fraudulently ask for money to give a data entry job are to be avoided. Some get the job done and don’t end up paying. It’s best to stick to reputed websites and well researched providers before starting. You may want to search google for fraud instances with the party before taking up their work.

    15. Build apps

      Programmers and coders are not the one’s really in dire need of a job in freelancing. However a lot of them still come to the internet searching for ways to make money online in some numbers due to their skills. Even diploma or certificate holders can try their hand at coding apps. Learn to build apps with Lynda’s tutorials for mobile apps.

      Next you should start identifying what to build an app for, check possible competition on google apps or apple market place. Do your research on where there is potential. After a market has been identified, do a risk study and finally build the app. List the apps for sale or distribution and watch the downloads grow. marketing through social media is equally important for your apps. You could sell premium ad free versions of the app or just give it free and earn from apps or in-app purchases.

    16. Online surveys

      A popular way for anyone to make money is to fill out online surveys in their extra time. Research companies regularly recruiting new members to answer surveys and test new products. For a few moments of form filling, you can make some nice cash or rewards. You can even earn up to $5 for some surveys!

      Some good sites to try are: Toluna, YouGov, Vivatic, MySurvey, Crowdology, Valued Opinions, IPSOS, Global Test Market SurveyBods, PopulusLive MintVine, Opinion Outpost, Harris Poll, Mind Mover, New Vista and iPoll. You can try one or all depending on which works for you best and which works for your country.

    17. Make money online searching

      Qmee is an innovative way on how to make money online, especially students & housewives. It rewards you for searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo. You just install a simple add-on to your browser and when you conduct a search there may be a few sponsored results alongside your normal search. Each Qmee result has a cash reward attached – if you are interested in it simply click on it and collect your reward. you can have your money wired to your Paypal account. You also have the option to donate it to charity. Get Qmee here.

    18. Online trading

      Making money online is easier with stocks and shares today thanks to technology turning your desktop, laptop or now even your mobile phone into a full fledged trading console. Start by learning investor basics and a little advanced knowhow about how to react or better still not to react to markets. Then once you understand the basics of trading with some wise advice by Warren buffet (The most successful investor of the world), head over to your bank to open a trading account. This account is best attached to your savings/checking account. Day trading and long term investment are different ballgame all together. Do understand that daily trading can be addictive just like gambling, be sure of what you are doing and learn to train yourself to cut losses and say no when you should.

    19. Review webistes and apps

      Sites like UserTesting.com pays everyday people to review different types of websites. Each website or app review takes around 20 minutes and you can earn $10 via Paypal. Signing up with them will get you to complete a test review and you will then receiving websites in your inbox for testing.

      You can earn anywhere between $200-$1000 with this simple online way to make some quick cash.

    20. Review music online for money

      If you like to listen to music and appreciate the details, you could review music for slice the pie. You can sign up with them and payments are made in US dollars. It can take a some time to build up your reputation but many users earn around $100 a month doing something they love. It is not much but it’s worth the little time you spend listening to some music and putting some check marks.

      We will continue to update this list and add more information as and when needed. Mean while you can check other resources on this page to kick start your career. We also have a list of Online Jobs you could take up.

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    Online Jobs to make real money

    Online Jobs

    Our recommended Online Jobs can transform your life & give you freedom to work from anywhere. The best Online Jobs not only offer you decent money to replace or add to your salary income but gets you the life work balance you are always looking for. Never ever pay for any Online job, that is the golden rule you should follow. Not even a penny. Follow us for latest updates, as relevance of the jobs keep changing.

    Top 20 Online Jobs from Home

    You will find 20 Online Jobs that have been well researched and proven to give people at-least a good basic income. You can operate from home or your current work place. Which ever you pick, make sure you put in all your focus and conviction the work required. Internet work is not something that rains money for free. It requires attention just like offline business.

    Online Jobs
    © Rocketclips | Dreamstime.com – Young Hispanic Woman Using Laptop
    1. Affiliate Marketing

      Affiliate marketing is one online job that gets you set-up pretty quickly. However in order to be successful at affiliate marketing, you will need to use marketing skills. You can target stores which sell software and services to promoting products from market places like Amazon, flipkart (click to open an account) and others. For example, promoting software usually gets you good commission. The more the margin on the product, more the commission.

      In an Affiliate model, you sign up for the program with your details, then create links from the affiliate management pages from the provider. These links and referral codes tell the seller that you have sent the customer. When they makes a purchase, your commission starts adding up. You can use your blog or website to place widgets, banners, links and direct product ads. You can also email your contacts with information and links to your recommended products. You can also post your social media followers the same. This online job surely is exciting if you know how to make recommendations.

      Today you cannot just make plain pitches to your readers or followers. The best strategies involve providing useful content and then make relevant recommendations to clients. For example if you blog about books, review a book and include a referral link to amazon for that book. Top referrals of a top online American store were found earning around $50,000 for this online job per month. Now that is some serious online job.

    2. Data entry Online Jobs

      Probably the surest Online Job you can get into. But do watch out for fraudulent offers. Never pay money for any Online Job ever. If someone promises you data entry work from home but asks for money before starting? Ignore or best, report them. They are frauds. No body asks for money if they seriously want to hire someone for data work. You may have heard about various frauds so watch out and be safe. Don’t give anyone your bank or other details either, most companies pay via paypal. There are also various offers where they get the work done but don’t pay up. So due diligence is the key

      Check with the company before you sign up. You can search for fraud and the company name in google to check if it’s an ongoing scam. Online jobs market has been tarnished by such operators. You should be watchful. also check what they are asking for you to do.

    3. Survey filling Online Jobs

      Surveys are also a major Online Job market. Probably the easiest way to make money online without any skills. Here you will be asked to fill online surveys. Sharing your opinion on different products and services are important to such companies. They do this to boost sales on the basis of recommendations by people like you and me.

      You can sign up easily for online survey jobs. Be careful here too, there are fakes here as well. You will get email or online surveys which you need to complete. You need to register with your email and paypal/payoneer id etc. Only handful of companies are genuinely offering this work, so please make sure you do your research.

    4. Blogging and Adsense

      If you plan to start a blog or own a blog already, this online job if for you. You can place google ads after opening an adsense account here. This is not easily done. To get approved you need good traffic and a legitimate and complaint blog. You can also get another ad network like yahoo, infolinks, clicksor etc. In order to make money, your blog should have good number of visitors. For this to be possible, your content has to be interesting, useful and written for the reader.

      It’s best to start a blog (if you don’t already) on a subject you have in depth knowledge about. Something you love to write on. This will keep you interested and benefit your readers. It will also ensure your blog gets good traffic as a result. Ads earn you either per click or per mile (1000 impressions). They are called CPM or CPC models and you can research more about that in google.

    5. Buy sell Domains online

      This online Job has one of the best margins in the industry. You can buy good domains (high authority, page rank etc) from expired domains auction. You can also register new and catchy domains with good names. After holding and ageing the domain for sometime, you can sell it through auctions like godaddy or flippa.

      Good domains sell for a premium when auctioned. You can expect to earn many times over your investments. However remember that what sounds good to you may not have that great a market value. For example “indicar.com” may sound good for you, but it may not be as good as “icar.com”. Also a domain with “stupidsoundingname.com” and high PR like 60 can sell for a very high price if genuine authority is what it commands. You should research on domains and SEO before you step into this online job area.

    6. Youtube Videos and Ads

      Just like blogs or websites, you can start a youtube channel. This is one of the best online job for video enthusiasts today. You can then sign up for google ads for video. Once approved, your videos when viewed, will generate cash for you. More the views, more the cash. Some videos can go up to millions of views when they go viral. Make your videos interesting. Pick a category for which you want to make videos and then give it your best. You can make review videos, tutorials, funny, social experiments or anything funny or useful. Copying others videos or using copyright content can get you in trouble. Stay away from such practices.

    7. Captcha solving Online Jobs

      Captcha solving online jobs are for people looking at a stable income. Companies need millions of new users and they must complete a captcha challenge. This makes spam filtering possible which is quite important for any online company. When you become a Captcha solver, you need to enter characters generated in the images accurately. This online job is in huge demand and you can make $1 to $2 per 1000 solves. So you can earn $200-$400 per month with ease.

    8. Selling stock photos

      Wonder where the nice model shots on all the website come from? This is because a lot of people take an Online job related to stock photos. If you can take photos (even mobile uploads are accepted on Dreamstime), draw illustrations, make icons or photoshop artwork, sign up with Dreamstime. We recommend them because of they excellent growth and community. Exclusive contributors earn high percentage of sales amount and you get paid via paypal or check. you may also sign up with shutterstock, istock or other agencies. Depending on your portfolio size and image quality/effectiveness you can make anything from $100-$2000 PM in short to medium term. The more you upload, more your success.

      Stock Photography

    9. Freelance internet work

      Freelance websites like freelancer etc. offer online jobs to millions of people who want to make some extra money. Do accounts, become a PA, offer help to someone translating, build websites, program code etc. There is a job for every skill in the freelance market. You slowly gain reputation after completing various jobs. As a result, good reputation gets more jobs. You can realistically make anything from $100 to $3000 per month being a freelancer.

    10. Selling online on marketplaces

      Ok, So this is not really a complete online job but involves offline activities to a major extent. You can start selling your products on Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal and other marketplaces. You will need real products and need to register with tax authorities. GST/TIN/VAT number is required for India. Handicraft items are exempt from this requirements and so are unstiched cloth articles. You can easily train on the market place panels and list your products. You will need to keep stock of the products you wish to sell. Once orders land, you will print the labels and manifests and courier will pick the products from you at day end. You can make anything from 20,00 to 2 Lakh in short to medium term for medium investment.

    11. Personal assistant online job

      This online job involves doing assistance work to a working professional. If you have a specialized diploma on office secretary tasks or any other professional tasks, you can become a specialized Personal assistant. There are various websites that allow one to contract for a PA. You can earn from 20-40K INR depending upon the skill and work requirements.

    12. Online Micro Jobs

      Micro or small tasks require a few seconds to complete. This is one of the easiest internet work. There are a lot of sites that offer Micro jobs. You can earn a few cents to a dollar for each task. The tasks exampled for you: Sharing a page, searching on google, writing a testimonial, clicking a few links, Product rating, filling small forms etc. Working for a few hours a day, you can make around $300-500 a month.

    13. Read Ads

      You can signup to view and read ads via phone, sms, computer or laptop.Many websites have cropped up offering good payment for this simple online job. Be aware there have been a lot of frauds recently in this area. Do not pay any deposits for these internet jobs ever. All the companies asking for a deposit are fraud. Genuine jobs in this area do not require you to deposit anything. You can earn anything from $100 to $1000 reading and viewing ads. Ensure that this is ethical. Most models out there are there to exhaust the advertiser’s money so better research well.

    14. Review apps and sites online work

      This Online work involves reviewing apps and websites. Developers of these software require their sites and apps to be tested and reviewed and you can get good income with this work. Platforms like usertesting.com are a unique and new way of making good money. It’s a platform that pays people to review all kinds of websites. Each review takes around 20 minutes and bags you $10 via Paypal.

    15. Publish your own kindle eBook

      If you can write a book then it’s a great way to spend your creative talents. These kind of online jobs involves writing a well composed book on a subject you have knowledge about. Today there is no dire need to hunt for publishers who will print your book and invest in your idea. You can go all digital by publishing your own kidle e-book which will be sold on kidle store for amazon customers. Amazon has a large kidle userbase and if your book is good enough, it can be a hit and earn you lots of cash.


    16. Fiverr gig internet work

      Fiverr is a market place where online job seekers post their available skills and tasks they can do. $5 tasks are common, writing articles, making videos, coding, logo and design etc. are all available to buy for Fiverr’s clients. You can sell your gigs and easily make $200-2000 depending upon your skills, tasks and how you have performed with previous projects. Click here for Fiverr.

    17. Show business online jobs

      It’s now an online job that was totally unthinkable few years ago, if you have a band or skills with show business then this one is for you. No need to hunt for show organizers or sponsors or spend hundreds of thousands on making portfolio. Just make your music video or art display video and upload it to youtube on your own channel. Get paid with ads and you may be in demand by sponsors/producers/directors without moving a finger.

    18. Get paid for searching the web

      Websites like qmee.com offer online jobs for searching and shopping online. You can use your spare time to search the web and this can be a small part time income for you. you could replace your search engine with any search paymaster site. This will give you some cash just for searching the web.

    19. 3d modeling and selling online

      There is an old but reliable online jobs for 3d modelers. If you have a collection of models or even starting out, you can put your models for sale on turbosquid or sites like that. Price your models reasonably. That is the key to sales. If you price your models too high they wont sell. Do market research on reasonable pricing and what’s selling hot. Make those models that sell well to start with. This should give you confidence to continue working towards a goal of $500-5000 income over the long term.

    20. Online Trading

      We are sure you have heard about online trading business. You would need to put in some cash in your bank for this. There are many platform like sharekhan, kotak, axis bank, and many banks in country of your residence that deal in share trading. You could head to yahoo finance to learn the basics before you start to experiment. You can also pick metal exchange, commodities exchange and other forms of trading.

    More useful resources for you: We also have an article for you about 20 ways to earn money online You will need a computer or laptop with internet to operate. If you would never like to expand your work beyond home we also have ideas for complete work from home jobs. We have successfully guided a lot of people like you one how to make money online. You can earn from $200 to $3500 or even $6000 if you put in your efforts and use your techniques wisely. It is now your turn to get that car and house you always wanted! For more serious people who can invest in their own business, you can learn about more in our online business article or seek new business ideas.

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